Dedicated to world travelers and people seeking cultural immersion, The Nest Collections have been created to make guests experience regional places around the world in an intimate style like they never done before. With our keen eye of well-traveled people, we propose, at The Nest, magnificent hidden gems in different countries where clients are able to get a full-experience of cultural heritages.


The Nest head office, focuses specificaly in its investments activities, where all Marketing, Project, Audit, Financial and Decision Making management are carried on for an adequate and sustainable policy throughout its own properties.

Our Focus

The Nest is a collection of boutique hotels that aims to introduce world travelers to a whole new experience by immersing them in regional cultures around the globe. The synergy between the local, regional communities and The Nest properties is of major importance, in bringing to its guests the uniqueness, specificity and variety of unforgettable delicious foods, magnificent accomodations, adventures, sceneries, and much much more. The Nest creates and invests in exclusive places where guests are living in harmony with the environment.

Our Collections

Actually THE NEST is active in the Wine lands of the Western Cape (South Africa) with a magnificant property called La Petite Ferme*. This unbeleavable estate placed on a hill overlooking the beautiful Village of Franschhoek can accomodate 18 persons (9 big suites actualy. Will be growing to 20 soon), serve 140 guest in its traditional huguenot style restaurant, and produce part of the finest wines of South Africa (many awards already)

La Petite Ferme

The Future

The Nest is dedicating all its attention to exclusive places in an objective to offer its guests unforgettable moments, in a world of incredible beauties.